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SPEED - Tropea

This project plans on addressing the current threat of youth radicalization with violent extremist beliefs, through promoting sport as a tool for increasing and reinforcing positive social thinking and behaviour. All partners to this project agreed that youth leaders and youth workers could play an essential role in responding to incidents of youth radicalisation through advocating and carrying out cost-effective sport-based interventions.

Location: Tropea/Italy

Organization: Euro Youth Club

Date: 27.06.2022-05.07.2022

İrem Türkeş

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Hello, I'm Irem Turkes. I went to Tropea, Italy, by participating in the SPEED project held on 27 June - 5 July. In this project, we focused on discrimination in sports organizations and produced ideas on this subject through various activities. SPEED is my first Erasmus project and it gave me the opportunity to get to know different cultures, new friendships, a good memory and a very useful experience. I would like to thank LİDOSK and the host organization for this opportunity. I recommend Erasmus projects that offer new experiences to everyone🤍

İrem Aksoy

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Hello, my name is İrem Aksoy. Between 27 June and 5 July, I participated in the youth exchange project in Tropea, Italy. I had a project experience where we brainstormed in groups from time to time, where we both had fun and learned. I had the chance to come to Italy for the first time with the project. It has been a full week where we met people from different parts of the world and organized awareness raising activities to prevent discrimination through sports. I would like to thank the LIDOSK team for giving me this opportunity.

Emirhan Tekin

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First of all, I have to say that Tropea is a wonderful place. I am very happy to have a project done here. I met very good people here through the project. We did very useful activities on sports and human rights. In this respect, Tropea is a very beautiful and harmonious place. Thanks to the sea, we were able to do very nice water sports. Again, thanks to the project, we discovered how much alike we are as citizens of countries with very different cultures. I can't help but mention the taste of Italian food. They have great food, we tried to eat lots of pizza and pasta. Of course, ice cream too. Finally, I can say that thanks to this project, I can say that we had a very enjoyable time while improving our knowledge about sports and human rights, which is the aim of the project.

Elif Ateş

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Hello, I'm Elif. At the end of June, I participated in the project that took place in the city of Tropea, located in the coastal parts of Italy. We had fun and held our events in this tiny city with a unique atmosphere. Basically, we talked about how we can overcome discrimination with sports. By doing each other's national sports, we learned about the sports of other cultures. It was very enjoyable for me and it was very pleasant to walk around the city with my friends during the rest of the activities.

Beyzanur Eğerci

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Hello, I'm Beyzanur. I participated in the SPEED project that took place in Tropea, Italy between 27 June - 5 July 2022. Thanks to this project, I met very good people, made new friends and gained new ideas about the use of sports to prevent discrimination. It was a very nice project that I had fun and learned at the same time. I look forward to participating in other Erasmus+ projects in the future. I would like to thank the Lidosk team for giving me this opportunity.

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