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MY SAFE (Employing Theatre Techniques to Support Vulnerable Students Wellbeing)

About The Project

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MY SAFE projects is aimed at addressing a delicate issue among students. Being school one of the most important and affecting environments for the students it is important that school teachers are able to create the comfortable environment for them in terms of understanding and support. The diverse approaches chosen for the project methodology are specifically designed to not be aggressive instead being adequate to involve students in a space of emotional expression.

Project Objectives

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- To enact efficient actions aimed at managing vulnerable students with problems of alcohol abuse;

- To strengthen the skills of educators by enhancing their mentoring role through the provision of innovative teaching and relief practices to students;

- To empower students in the support of their peers through their active involvement in relief and resilient paths;

- To develop a learner-centered approach that will promote mental health for students.

Expected Results

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- A Training Format for school teachers based on NFE and in particular on Forum Theatre methodology providing simulation exercises for enabling students with alcohol consumption disorder a resilience path.

- Digithal Application developed with the support of the educators based on the gaming concept and having the function of simulating real case scenarios in which students can learn and exercise on the support of their vulnerable peers. Intangiable resluts.

- Joint Staff Mobility involving researchers, educators and school teachers from the partner organizations, which will pilot and test the training format developed in the first results. Moreover , the Joint Staff Mobility will set the framework for starting to develop the content of the digital application based on the modules developed in the training format.

- Local activities for both teachers and high school students aimed at implementing Forum Theatre sessions and test the Game. Upskilling of teaching methodologies for school educators aimed at identifaying students at risk and to provide them with a relief path, thus enforcing their mentoring role. Enhancement of school environment through the development of trainings transferring the potential of solving alcohol abuse issues also to the private and family life of vulnerable students.


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The beginning visit of our Erasmus+ project MY SAFE (Employing theater techniques to support vulnerable students wellbeing) was held in Klaipeda/Lithuania under the coordination of Klaipeda “Varpas” Gymnasium. Partner countries of our project are: Lithuania (Klaipeda “Varpas” Gymnasium), Italy (Mine Vaganti), Romania (National Spiru Haret) and Turkey (Lykia Scouting and Nature Sports Club Association).

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Exciting developments from our Erasmus+ KA220-SCH project "MY SAFE". With the participation of 20 teachers from Turkey, Romania, Italy, and Lithuania, a successful Joint Staff Training Event is helded in Sassari, Italy from July 10-14, 2023. The event is focused on employing forum theatre techniques to support students' wellbeing. Key topics include team building, managing group dynamics, integrating theatre into schools, and the role of teachers in forum theatre methodology.

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