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Erasmus+ Mobility

Exchange the change EuroMed

Location: Bonn/Germany

Organization: Femination e.V.

Date: 18.02.2024-26.02.2024

Considering that the importance of mental health is not a societal issue but a global one, we conducted the "Exchange the change EuroMed" Youth Exchange in Germany, which includes countries from various regions and mental health care levels. The exchange brought together 42 participants from six European and non-European countries; Germany, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, Greece, and Egypt, allowing for the sharing of experiences.

The objectives of our YE are mainly:

- Improve youth's knowledge of mental health diseases, how to approach them, how to deal with them, and when to seek help;

- Making the participants emotionally fit so they can manage emotionally difficult situations;

- Allow participants to have a positive sense of how they feel, think, and act;

- Educate youngsters in spreading positive Mental health advocation behaviors and have better self-awareness, do Guided meditation, and gratitude;

- Improve participants' logical thinking and clear comprehension through active discussions and interesting workshops/ games, and arts;

- Strengthen their feeling of being European besides motivating the building of intercultural dialogue and respect for other cultures;

- Design new non-formal education approach to promote mental health care of young people to develop a project partners network that would implement local events with youngsters about mental health;

- Breaking cultural stereotyping and intolerance about this important subject;

- Involving people with the few opportunities in the Erasmus+ programme, and increase the visibility of Erasmus+ programme among youth;

- Building strong cooperation between youth in the field of Mental Health issue.

Zeynep Yağmur Koçak

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It was a wonderful project where I got to know new people and cultures. The venue and atmosphere were serene and delightful. Everyone's interest and courtesy were high. It was a project I would like to experience again in many ways.

Nazlıcan Irmak

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The "Europe Leads Towards Diversity" project was organized in Bonn, Germany, with the participation of seven different countries (Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Greece, and Germany). The project allowed us to examine and discuss in detail all kinds of societal and personal components that affect our mental health. Additionally, the training course supported the core EU values and cooperation under the Erasmus+ program.

Eren Pişirici

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Participating in the Erasmus+ project on Mental Health held in Bonn, Germany, I had an unforgettable experience. During the project, which took place between February 18-26, we engaged in various activities to increase our awareness of mental health. Throughout the project, seminars and workshops conducted by experts provided us with valuable information on coping with stress, achieving emotional balance, and maintaining our overall mental health.

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