Lycia Scouting and Nature Lovers Culture Association

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Our Vision

Since 2010 LIDOSK works to value nature and to build a sustainable nature awareness. Our motto is “the only thing we leave in nature is our footprints”: we believe that nature is our home and we can keep it safe only with the help of youngsters. We want to fight against all forms of discrimination and to support cultural diversity, social cohesion, sustainable development and foster youth mobility across Europe.

Our main aim is to engage young people through the promotion of intercultural learning, human rights, active citizenship and volunteering activities we encourage youngsters, especially those with fewer opportunities or disabilities, to take actions.

What We Do?

We promote intercultural learning, human rights, active citizenship, volunteering, sport for a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. We also support youth cooperation in Europe throughout our volunteering projects and exchanges with European countries. We encourage youngsters to learn more about cultural differences, modernity and digitalization. We work both on the local and on the international levels. We are taking parts in various Erasmus+ projects such as training courses and youth exchanges, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, European Solidarity Corps volunteering programs, as well as strategic partnership development and capacity building in many diverse fields. In our office we are also enabling local and international volunteers to meet, to be creative and to work together to create an impact in the city, in their lives and consequently in the world.

How we do it?

LIDOSK develops and promotes the Youth Action approach to empower and support a great-number of young people to take action to benefit themselves and others. Youth projects are based on awareness-raising activities, intercultural activities, sport events, tournaments, conferences, training courses, youth exchanges and campaigns. In order to reach more people, we are also following new trends in social media and applying them to our projects’ outputs and outcomes as well.

Our Values


lidosk 150First Version of Our Logo

Story of Our Logo

Lycian means COUNTRY OF THE LIGHT " . The emblem of our association had to be an emblem that was suitable for the name Lycia and also included nature sports . The person who designed our emblem is the handicraft artist Selda War, who studied Traditional Handicrafts at University . After every long research, she decided on the symbol in the middle of the emblem, which Divides the emblem into three equal parts. This symbol means "Sun and Abundance" and it is the most common symbol of ancient Lycia coins . THUS, Lycian, the Land of the Radiant Sun, embraced nature sports by opening its arms and our association got its emblem. Thank you, Selda Savaş, for your creativity and for giving us this emblem.

Lycian way: A walking route that starts from Fethiye and extends to Antalya and was created by marking and mapping some of the paths in the Teke peninsula, which was historically called Lykia.

Lykia in history:In 120 years after Christ of the Roman Empire or the province of Likya or Lykia (Lycian: Trm̃misa) is an ancient region, which covers a large part of the province of Antalya, Turkey.

Our New Logo

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You can click the link to download our new logo.


Lykia Scouting and Nature Lovers Culture Association

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