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SCORE (Sport Cooperation Overcoming Risks of Exclusion)

SCORE: (Sport Cooperation Overcoming Risks of Exclusion) wants to express an innovative idea for sport activities, creating a connection between sport and the methodologies of Non Formal Education, like team building activities and self-directed learning, to improve social inclusion of all those youngsters who may suffer a disadvantaged situation and to foster inclusion and gender equality in sport. The project also wants to foster the recognition of risk of social exclusion situations and to create tools useful to solve it, through the involvement of youngsters in sport activities.

Football event

We organized an entertaining Fair Play match with the participation of young people and children as an event of our SCORE project. We believe that sport is an excellent tool for achieving inclusion, good behavior, a good lifestyle, and a highly effective method of instilling good habits in children's education. In order to instill good habits, we preferred street football where Fairplay rules were dominant. Young people playing football with Fairplay acquired an understanding of tolerance and justice, especially in this sport. The tolerant concept brought by the rules of the game has made the game more fun with its effect of reducing aggression and mobbing instead of seeing the opponent as an enemy, the rules helped create a more friendly environment and make opportunities for new friendships.


In our second event of the SCORE project, we went to the Phaselis trekking route held with the participation of university youth. Through this activity we aimed to raise awareness about survival and harmony in nature, acting in groups, the correct use of time and its management, and respect for each other. These young people were informed by the group leader about the historical and natural importance of the roads they passed, and after the walk, they had a nice cooling off in the hot weather of Antalya. They have completed the nature walk where they could also swim.

Recycling and Sports

We believe that sport is a great tool for inclusion and social interaction. That's why we challenged everyone to take action with sports activities that they can easily create at home or at their office! With this campaign where sports activities and materials change every week and through the "It's Your Turn!" motto, we aimed to activate our environment by inviting them to challenge. The people who spend most of the day sitting or the people who don't have time for sports or the people who don't have enough economic sources to have the equipment for sports can benefit from this campaign. We have created practical sports with recyclable materials for better inclusion and a greener environment. As an example, you can see the efficiency of bowling sets that we play from plastic bottles in our own office in this video. As we aimed, we became active and recycled our wastes and while doing all this, we think we left no one behind!


We had fun, we toured, we met and we made new memories by enjoying nature with the rafting activity, where we combine the integrity of nature and sports with the harmony of young people from different cultures in our local environment, where teamwork is used at the highest level and which we think is more cohesive.


S.C.O.R.E. to our volunteers, participants, and local influencers from around the world. By explaining and explaining the activities we do within the scope of our project, we enable them to see new ideas and perspectives and adapt our activities according to their own conditions, by sharing content that they can determine their own rules and be more inclusive, and that we think is useful, while increasing our impact and creating a more conscious, more creative and freer generation. we are raising.

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